Summer's last

by - 22.9.17

While I like summer as much as I like gelato, I love autumn as much as I love matcha latte.

That being said, I didn't get as much of the Italian dessert all throughout the season, compared to last was then when I tried every dark chocolate-flavored gelato I could find. ;) It doesn't make this summer less enjoyable though, I had my share of fun not only around Vienna but in other cities, too. And I look forward to next year with much anticipation of what's to come. (Hoping that it would be a much better situation by then.)

The weather has been cool for the past days, which ought to be, as today officially marks the first day of fall. Google is even commemorating it with a doodle. 

Herbstanfang 2017 

So expect a lot of beautiful, orange and brown sceneries starting today. 

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