A flooded Danube river

by - 3.6.13

Danube's water rose as seen in this photo in the aftermath of flooding in Passau, Germany. (photo taken June 3, around 6:40 PM).

- Danube, 1210 - June 2013

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  1. Horrible weather in your part of Europe at the moment. have been following the rain and flooding on the news.

  2. It's a pity that this happened! And I am really sad because of endless bad weather in Vienna! Very depressing!! :(

  3. I was shocked when my friend told me about it. She said it was the worst flood they've had in the area in 150 years! So many people lost everything. My heart really goes out for them. :(

  4. Germany is on the bucket list, never been....

  5. Planet earth become more dangerous than ever.