Old City Charm

by - 27.5.13

Old city charm, cobblestones. 
Cobblestones. It's like discovering new places, unexpected corners when you walk on them. This particular street leads to many of those, I could just get lost all day on purpose. 

-Blumenstockgasse, 1010, May 2013

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  1. I guess I understand what you exactly mean! :)

  2. Love the rustic charm of cobblestone streets. They kinda take you to a different century! Fabulous capture!

  3. What a nice photo! I love the brick road, the buildings around, very comfy. I agree with you too! I could get lost on purpose. :)

  4. LOVE cobblestones!! A wee bit hard to walk on sometimes, but just wear flat shoes and you're fine. So beautiful!