Bridal Fair 2012

by - 11.3.12


Long overdue post...I went to this year's Bridal Fair with a couple of friends - they're a couple who plans on getting married in May. We went to the fair to get ideas for wedding decorations, dresses and to look on cakes, souvenirs, invitations and everything else related to the big day. To canvas on bridal cars, wedding rings and  video coverage pricing too.

I thought Austrian weddings are much simpler but at the fair I realized how wrong I was. It's just the same. The preparation, the food and every minute detail is just as intricate as how I knew it in Philippine wedding setups.

My friend (girl) and I had fun taking photos of the displays, tasting cakes, admiring hairstyles, pointing this and that as cutesies and taking notes of must haves and laughing at some dresses with funny color. Here's some of the displays...left: flower arrangements and bouquets, right: table setup.



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  1. beautiful decorations, pretty in green, loved it :-) Visiting from Green Monday, hope that you can return your green visit too.

  2. Wow. This is a highly recommended designs.


  3. that's a really nice design, whenever i see color green, my heart becomes to jump for joy, thanks for sharing sis and hope to see you again on next green monday meme