Traveling, Drive By, B2B Telemarketing

by - 29.11.11


Whenever I'm out it has been my hobby to shoot the fields, the cars, anything else outside the window...Utility poles for electricity, cable connection and telephones fascinate me as well as cars viewed from above to edit them later on for tilt-shifting.

Then while enjoying the view, don’t you get annoyed when you receive a sales call while you’re off traveling? It has happened to me one too many times. There was one time during one of our travels when I received a call from a telemarketer. I’d have to say that she didn’t even know half of what she was talking about, even if it was obvious that she was reading from a script. She sounded too mechanical. Besides, she wouldn’t let me speak and just babbled into the receiver.

I’ve never had any experience working for a call center, but I know that it shouldn’t be the case. Companies that are into b2b telemarketing should start bringing in third party groups that can provide them expert help in the telemarketing aspect. Telemarketers, in turn, must learn that there is art in listening as well as talking.

What's more annoying is they seem have a good reception while I struggle at some points during travel for phone signal. ^_^

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