On this Day in History - Mozart died

by - 5.12.11

( Domgasse at night, the building where Mozart lived has been turned to a museum.)

Mozart experienced issues with his health throughout his life, suffering from smallpox, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, typhoid fever, rheumatism and gum disease. His final illness began when he visited Prague to supervise the performance of his new opera La clemenza di Tito in 1791. The visit was fairly successful from a professional standpoint, however, while in Prague Mozart began to feel ill. Early Mozart biographer Franz Niemetschek wrote, "...he was pale and expression was sad, although his good humour was often shown in merry jest with his friends.

Following his return to Vienna, Mozart's condition gradually worsened. For a while, he was still able to work and completed his Clarinet Concerto, worked toward the completion of the Requiem, and conducted the premiere performance of The Magic Flute on 30 September.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died at 1:00 in the morning on 5 December, 1791. (wiki)

(Mozart's cloak and coat at the Mozart's house and his statue at the Burggarten)

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  1. I love great trivia. This can be useful when given to children each day (like 1 trivia a day) just to get them introduced to music, art or other fields. :) Thanks for the info.

  2. the first image is why i really fell in love with europe. i love the wonderful narrow alleys.