Wasserpark in Winter

by - 6.12.10

Gloomy it may be, it's winter after all.  The birds and the swans have not departed their daily routine of showing their beauty at the Danube...more particularly at the Wasserpark. It has been snowing for a week now and I would love to pay a visit at the park again soon...

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  1. kakainggit naman snow fall nyo. we have been having rain rain and rain here.

  2. Love the swans on the water! It does look cold, but beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  3. I think winter has its own beauty and you captured it so well here. Great shots.

  4. and it's still hot and humid here! it doesn't feel like December at all! pero mukhang malungkot talaga ang winter---dito na lang ako sa mainit.:p

  5. Such a gorgeous view of the lake!