by - 7.5.10


I think we need to make the ponds around here more habitable to fishes not tadpoles...lol

There's an ongoing contest Mit Ihrer Idee Wien verschönern! (Beautify Vienna with you idea) sponsored by the newspaper, Heute and Kärcher cleaning systems...participants are called to submit their photos of a particular area or objects than needs cleaning or renovation. This pond at the 21st district is a good candidate but rules state that the area should be at the first dictrict...

Well then, it's a good challenge enough for me...I have a really good idea where to take photos (wink*) and will all show you soon. Happy weekend to you all!


Edit: winter maintenance would be a problem for the fishes even though Kois are winterproof (thanks Hilda for reminding me that)...so flowers and a bit cleaner water would be nice....)



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  1. Ponds do need to be cleaned up, that's for sure and not just in Vienna, but everywhere these days! I do love your reflections and the little ones! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  2. But what will you do with the fish during your winters? ;)

  3. Dirty water or not - the reflections are nice and would be a nice contribution to James' Weekend Reflections meme. The kids are cute!

  4. long time, no see - indeed... my poor blog was neglected since I moved 100% to Austria. seems that when I was travelling back and forth I had more time :)). best wishes & hugs!

  5. Oh thats kind of intereting..and I agree with you..more fish than tadpools! I love ponds! Pretty photos- Have a great weekend-

  6. What wonderful photography !

    Over here it has not been raining for more than two months now, making nearly every pond dissapear and life hard for plants and humans as well. Please have a wonderful start into the new week.

    daily athens

  7. I know this is sooooo late.. But happy weekend anyway. :D