Cheap eyeglasses!

by - 11.3.10

Are you having eye problems? Unless travelling and you feel dizzy and your vision blurs, it may be time to have a check up and see if you'll need eyeglasses.
I have been seeing a lot written about Zenni Optical eyeglasses, there were so much buzz about it that even the recommended it to readers in a recent article about contact lenses and prescription glasses. So I took the ride and looked at what it's all about.

Zenni Optical offers 8$ complete prescription glasses, a steal from the usual fare of 118$. Each frame comes in stylish designs and colors.

Unfortunately or fortunately, my eyes are perfectly ok, so if there are just designer frames for a cooler look, I'd definitely take one. Though priced lower, these eyeglasses boast of anti-scratch coating feature and full UV protection. Each also comes with quality hard eyeglass case and microfiber lens cleaning cloth. Zenni sees to it that each piece is invidually suited for the wearer, not only with design but the quality of each to assure comfort and satisfaction, they are health items after all! The biggest plus is you get these eyeglasses for a price you won't regret...It seems too good to be true but is it possible to get a pair of glasses for such a price? It takes week before you can get your glasses from Zenni optical opposed to same day or two days from other local shops. Well, this is because they are manufactured overseas but be assured that the quality is competitive to what the local market has to offer.

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  1. Everyone wants good eyeglasses at affordable prices. Thank you po for this!