Snow fun!

by - 5.2.10

The snow has not been letting up! For a whole month, the streets and the playgrounds have been blanketed as snow white. I am not hearing complaints, especially not from the kids and hubby who always enjoy a good slide down the cold soil.

For weeks too, the hubby has been bugging me to look for the best adventure and the best holiday package. Since the kids got a break from school it would be the best opportunity for ski holidays, so I ended up at the directskiing website. Cool because they have Inghams ski holidays (Inghams Skiing features 94 ski resorts in 14 countries, offering a selection of hotels and apartments in the world's best ski resorts, Inghams provide winter holidays for all types)and those also in St.Johann, lower Austria. There are various resorts located in the skiing area and one of the best is the 4-star Hotel Park. Breakfast buffet to evening meals are covered with choices of either healthy food or fondue! ;) Perfect also for one who do not have the courage to ski (like me,) they have a sauna/fitness room and a playroom for the kids to enjoy!

For hubby, this would be right since he enjoys snowboarding a lot. St. Johann is perfect for beginners since it has a fairly low elevation than most mountains in the area. The slopes made it possible too that there's good snow coverage throughout the entire season. There are 17 lifts for use of everyone and I think that this is included in the package you paid (hubby complains it costs a lot when he goes out with friends).

Browsing more I learned that the website books crystal ski holidays, departing from the UK...well, I learned a great deal about the place, now I just need to book from a local agency.

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  1. Ang cute naman ni baby boy. Looks like he really enjoyed the snow activity. :)