All inclusive holiday package

by - 6.12.09

Where I am is far from the sea, reason enough that seafoods cost a bit higher compared to neighbouring countries surrounded by water. It also follows that seafood restaurants would not be so pocket-friendly for a family of five dine-out nights.

Being near the sea, is a normal thought I have on cold days and gray skies. Not only would I want to eat fresh seafood, I also enjoy playing sand with the kids, snorkeling and boating with the purpose of taking photos. ;-) So here's a thought to fight away the winter blues, a weekend getaway for the family. To spend a few nights on one of those wonderful summer resorts in the Caribbean or a few days in Mexico or Spain to practice Spanish which I honed two weeks ago. It has to be an all inclusive holidays package (, a very convenient way to opt for when travelling away and of course cheaper not to mention hassle free. That means flight + hotel + food and activities all included!

Since Hubby and I plays Wii golf, the kids play tennis and all the sports there, it would be much better playing the real thing! This is what I have been looking for at the Directline Holidays website which lists a number of all inclusive cheap holidays that can be booked there directly. I thank the website also for some tips like checking out the activities for adults and kids. Each package conveniently lists down what one expects to have in their chosen package (facilities, food, spas, entertainment, sports, healthy activities and more). I really find this feature very helpful!

The holidays are just around the corner, so book your dream vacation now and enjoy the benefits of an all inclusive package! As usual, online bookers get a discount. ;-)

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