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by - 17.11.09

I had planned to make this site all about travel, not exactly those that I and the whole family did. Information may include tips on cheap travels, on discounted tickets, hotel promos for the family, best beach-vacation package or simply finding great cheap chicago hotel info pages.

I was partly able to fulfill that...I have written about hotels we've stayed on, incoming promos as well as discounts and where to get coupons, tips on traveling with kids and small stuff that help me avoid accidents with them around.

With school vacation fast approaching, I've been on the lookout for budget travels. I was able to find an apartment that a family can rent for a whole week...fully-furnished, wifi connection, situated at the heart of the city I chose to go to, most importantly: much cheaper than hotels! I thank websites like that, they provide a lot of information, photos, feedback from customers so I easily get the story behind each experience. It's much easier to choose that way.

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  1. Dapat talaga pinagplaplanuhan ang vacations noh? Para ironed out na on the days of the vacation. :)