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by - 12.4.09

Swiss chocolates have earned a reputation of being the best in quality. Toblerone, Suchard and Lindt speaks well of this claim. Interestingly, a division of Lindt & Sprüngli, Ghirardelli chocolate company has been established in California in 1852, making it the second oldest chocolate manufacturer in the states.

There are plenty of cheap chocolates manufactured everyday, but they surely won't come close to the richness and difference that Ghirardelli chocolates has to offer. One of my favorite products of Ghirardelli’s is milk chocolate with caramel. The chocolate has that perfect smoothness with buttery center that is not too sweet.

At, Ghirardelli's chocolates can be ordered in bulk as other candies too, it's your one stop shop for sweet fix! Their inventory lists more than 2000 different products with continuous additions of all that a sweeth-tooth is looking for. The site has an easy to navigate and search for listing categorized by types, brands and popularity, a search box is also provided for easier find. Sugar Stand brings wholesale and bulk candies directly at your doorstep. Quality control measures ensure that each order is carefully packaged and shipped timely and efficiently.

They also have lots of tips, recommendations and recipes in the site, check it out!

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  1. yes, Swiss Chocolateis really very delicious and popular all over the world.

  2. My friend's always crazy over chocolates and she told me that Swiss Chocolate's nice.


  3. Hello, It is must be delicious chocolate. Hmm..

  4. Caramel... I have this indulgence in chocolates! Makes me want to have some. :D