by - 12.3.09

I was digging through my archive photos when I stumbled on this, photo of our neighboring apartments during last summer's Italy vacation. We had a pool shared and the place was a few minutes walk to the beach. (We stayed here for week.)

So I thought, where to next vacation?

I wanted to go home (Philippines) next year and so we were saving up because we are to pay five heads now (2 adults, 3 kids).

However, mom-in-law suggested we visit Prague instead and rent an apartment for a week just like we did in Italy. Prague is about 5 hours travel by train from Vienna so it seems a wonderful idea. Though it means missing on seeing my (biological) family next year.

The plan was to rent a house big enough for 3 families, with pool and garden and grill. Sounds fun! But there ain't a beach in the background. Well, let's see soon what Prague has to offer.

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